Stoke City To Begin Training Goalkeepers Using Virtual Reality



July 19, 2017

Stoke City To Begin Training Goalkeepers Using Virtual Reality

English Premier League team Stoke City announced that its goalkeepers will now be trained using virtual reality. The club is partnering with Dutch company Beyond Sports and will also use the company’s VR technology to analyze match performances.

Catapult Harnesses AI To Help Solve Baseball’s Injury Problems

At a major league club’s training facility earlier this month, a coach asked his young pitchers to throw a quick bullpen session, consisting of 25 pitches off the mound. Part of the explicit instruction was “to take it easy.” A few warmed up by throwing before they stepped onto the mound and with the catcher still standing.

How apps and smart tech are helping tennis players to ace Wimbledon

The grass has been immaculately trimmed, the tennis whites are crisp and the champions are facing off. Wimbledon may look traditional but behind all that there’s a phalanx of cutting-edge technology making this year’s championships a vanguard of innovation. Think artificial intelligence, smart rackets and an all-knowing chatbot called “Fred”.

Coollang Smart Tennis Sensor Helps Players Track Improvement

Improving as a tennis player can take time, but tracking measurable progress doesn’t have to when the Coollang Smart Tennis sensor is attached to the end of racket. Tracking can be done in real-time when the sensor is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and even when unconnected, it will store data in its internal memory for later transmission.

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