STATSports Announces Apex Athlete Series Launch


August 8, 2018

STATSports Announces Apex Athlete Series Launch

Elite wearables company STATSports is seeking to enter the competitive amateur athlete market with its new APEX Athlete Series wearable. The bluetooth-enabled GPS device relies on the same core technology as the professional product but scales down the complexity to make the offering more accessible to individual athletes rather than teams with coaches, trainers, and sport scientists.

5 Tenets of Sports Injury Rehabilitation – Excelsior

Dr Grace Golden gave an insightful presentation on returning to sporting activity at GAIN 2018. I liked her systematic approach which was well illustrated with video examples. She also had a large amount of creativity and fun involved in her rehabilitation sessions.

Training Cessation as a Method of Tapering for Strength

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of two different durations of training cessation on upper and lower body maximal strength performance, and to investigate the mechanisms underlying performance changes following short-term training cessation.

Report details Jets’ embrace of analytics

Rich Cimini’s Sunday notes column provides some information on how the Jets are incorporating data into the organization. After some initial reluctance, the Jets are embracing the increased role of analytics in the NFL. No, they’re not becoming a “moneyball” team, but they recently expanded their analytics department.

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