State of Soccer Technology & Innovation


August 20, 2018

The State of Soccer Technology & Innovation

Four-and-a-half years from now, the world’s top soccer countries will land in the desert ready to contest Qatar 2022. In that tiny Middle Eastern nation they will endure winter temperatures that may soar higher than 90ºF in the first World Cup to be played in November and December.

The Rise of the College Football Strength Coach

D. J. Durkin, the University of Maryland’s head football coach, was not shy about extolling the virtues of his new strength and conditioning coach, Rick Court, in the summer of 2016. “He’s the most important hire I’ve made,” Durkin told Sports Illustrated. “He’s critical to all we do,” he said to The Carroll County Times.

The King of Leg Strength Training Program Design – SimpliFaster

Strength coach Ian King has made a big impact on sports professionals around the world. This article looks at the reasons we recognize King as a pioneer in sports performance, and an expert in the design of leg strength training programs.

Toptracer Now Tracks Practice Shots on the PGA Tour’s Driving Ranges

On The Open Championship’s driving range in July, Tiger Woods set up a tee shot, turned 45 degrees to the left, and blasted a drive straight into the water. Woods hadn’t cracked under pressure, instead he was testing out Toptracer ‘s tracking technology.

Carmelo Anthony: Great Shooter, Bad Shots

He’s known as an elite offensive player (and a defensive liability), but he hasn’t actually been efficient on offense. That’s the enigma that is Carmelo Anthony. It’s a big reason why Oklahoma City, which is both a championship contender and a big spender, was looking to unload his contract this offseason.

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