Sports Technology In 2017, From Amazon To Zebra


January 2, 2018

Sports Technology In 2017, From Amazon To Zebra

The year in sports technology saw new media companies nudging into the broadcast rights landscape, increased concerns from pro athletes over biometric data privacy, advanced analytics infiltrating the clubhouse, a Pokémon Go-inspired spate of fan engagement tools, the continued professionalization of esports and an abundance of injury prevention tools led by a jugular-compressing, concussion-preventing collar hailing from the field of biomimcry.

The hottest themes in fitness research for 2018

I’ll admit it: I stifled a yawn while flipping through the American College of Sports Medicine’s forecast for fitness trends for 2018. The top prediction? High-intensity interval training – the same trend that topped the list back in 2014 and has been in the top three ever since.

Arkansas Razorbacks football: Chad Morris putting new emphasis in strength and conditioning program

(What’s happening with the Arkansas Razorbacks? Make sure you’re in the loop — take five seconds to Sign up for our FREE Razorbacks newsletter now !) FAYETTEVILLE – When Arkansas’ official visitors left town Sunday, ushering in a “dead period” just before the early signing period, Chad Morris finally had a chance to look over the roster he inherited from the previous staff.

Father-Son Team Builds Virtual Reality Training For Lacrosse Goalies

Cody and Doug Nelson have developed a way for lacrosse goalies to train using VR, as the family duo has built Virtual Goalie from the ground up and is working to extend reaction training in virtual reality to other sports.

Secret Weapon Changing the Game For Sports Performance

For those in the business of getting an athlete to peak performance – and, perhaps more importantly, keeping them there, healthy and on the field of play – gone are the days of guessing. So long, supposing. Wave goodbye to wondering.

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