Sports Medicine Tech Startup Brings In Former NFL Player As Investor, Head of Athlete Relations


August 7, 2018

Sports Medicine Tech Startup Brings In Former NFL Player As Investor, Head of Athlete Relations

Atlanta-based BWHealth, a sports injury prevention and treatment technology company, has closed a strategic bridge round of funding of about $600,000 that will help it scale its latest line of injury prevention products. Included in the round was investor and former 15-season NFL cornerback Champ Bailey, who will join the company as its Head of Athlete Relations.

Heat Illness and Endurance Athletes: The Science of Staying Safe When It Gets Hot – CTS

By Corrine Malcolm CTS Coach and Exercise Physiologist Human beings are inherently inefficient. Only a fraction of the work athletes do ends up propelling them down the road, up the mountain or through the water. The rest just of that work generates heat, which has to go somewhere. Normally, the bod…

Plyometrics, Co-Contractions, and Rapid-Fire Athletic Training with Lachlan Wilmot – SimpliFaster

Freelap Friday Five with Lachlan Wilmot Lachlan Wilmot has been in the fitness industry going on 15 years, working with both the general population and elite-level athletes. Lachlan completed a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science, and then continued his education with an honors thesis in Sports Science.

What factors influence the ability to anticipate serves? | Skill Acq Science

How do professional tennis players successfully return serves? Georgina Vernon – as part of her PhD at Victoria University – interviewed 8 male professional tennis players (6 former players and 2 current players), with the aim of identifying the key factors influencing the ability to anticipate (and therefore return) serves.

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It’s that time again where we implore you not to buy gadgets because there’s a whole hunk of new wearable tech we expect to be announced. The 2018 edition of IFA, everyone’s fave Berlin tech expo, kicks off on Friday 31 August with a day (or two) of press conferences before it opens to the…

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