Sports Innovation Lab’s Scout Helps Organizations Identify Tech Solutions




June 30, 2017

Sports Innovation Lab’s Scout Helps Organizations Identify Tech Solutions

It’s no longer a question of if you should use tech to evaluate sports performance; rather, it’s which tech should be used. The Sports Innovation Lab (SIL) is helping clients answer that question with the launch of its online evaluation tool, Scout.

Deloitte Providing Analytics To African Cycling Team For Tour de France

Deloitte has built a real-time race analysis tool for African pro-cycling’s Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, as part of an expanded sponsorship designed to enhance the team’s performance during the Tour de France.

PLAAY Sports’ Athlete Recognition Technology Simplifies Highlight Reels

In one very well-known scene from “The Blind Side,” after high-school Michael Oher blocks a defender over a fence, his adoptive brother, S.J., sends CDs of the highlight play to college football coaches across the country. What the film doesn’t show is that S.J.

Seattle Reign FC Uses Microsoft Platform To Measure How Athletes Feel

NEW YORK – The Seattle Reign Football Club has become the first team to implement a new platform designed by digital agency POP and Microsoft Corp. that not only tracks player data and performance, but also measures subjective data such as how athletes feel.

PIQ And Canal+ Bring Real-Time Boxing Analytics To Broadcasts

Boxing’s most powerful punchers and most brutal bouts have always been the source of heated debates, but they may no longer need to be tinged with such subjectivity. Earlier this year, French wearables company PIQ Sport Intelligence teamed up with the boxing apparel heavyweight Everlast on a wrist-worn sensor that can measure and analyze the frequency and ferocity of punches.

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