Sports Hype of Platelet-Rich Plasma ‘Powerful Marketing Tool’ But Distorts the Science



August 15, 2017

Sports hype of platelet-rich plasma ‘powerful marketing tool’ but distorts the science

When injured elite athletes talk about using platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the coverage fuels hype that makes it harder for average consumers to see the limitations of the potential treatment, a new study suggests. Athletes including American golfer Tiger Woods, NFL quarterback Tom Brady and now-retired NBA player Kobe Bryant have reportedly used the decades-old approach.

Intel Sports Exec Rich Green Talks Innovation On and Off the Field – Titans of Sports Tech

From data mining to key acquisitions, Intel at the forefront of the sports tech movement. Rich Green, Director of Venture and Market Development at Intel Sports, is helping to lead the charge. Green spoke with Direct Interface Founder Kevin Jordan to share how the company is taking sports tech to the next level.

5 Takeaways From An Exclusive Chat With Sportradar CEO Carsten Koerl

NEW YORK – It edged onto the North American scene a few years ago with a wealth of data technologies and a history in sports betting. Since then, Sportradar has doubled down on the U.S., growing the country into its largest geographic market, while expanding its tentacles to the major leagues.

This Intel-Powered Sensor Is Giving Batsmen Data They’ve Never Had

Cricket’s relationship with technology has often been fraught. While some things like the use of TV footage to decide run-outs and stumpings has been in place for a very long time, overall, cricket administrators have been reticent at best when it comes to expanding the use of technology.

Using heart rate variability to optimise triathlon training

A recent study adds further weight to the purported benefits of training by heart rate variability Research by a Finnish team suggests that your stress levels – based on an early morning assessment – should also be used to tailor the intensity and duration of that day’s swim, bike and run training to optimise your performance.

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