Sports Analytics: How Data Gives Teams the Edge


June 1, 2018

Sports analytics: How data gives teams the edge

With every sprint, kick, tackle, pass and more now logged and analysed in real-time to give teams the tiniest advantage on the pitch, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig investigates how big data can make or break who claims sport’s most prestigious prizes. Sports analytics isn’t a completely new phenomenon.

NCAA Makes Big Data Play in New Deal

In a move that brings together the sizable amount of data college sports produces annually, the NCAA will collaborate with a big data firm to gather and sell sports statistics to the media and other outlets. It’ll initially make the data available to members for free.

Challenges to Effective Athlete Monitoring are Easily Overcome

Achieving success in sport, particularly at the elite level, is a complex process. Monitoring an athlete’s training program ensures athletes are in the best possible condition to train. It helps coaches construct individualized training programs and optimize the prescription of training load and recovery.

Mi Hiepa Looking To Pave The Way To VR’s Future In Sports

Manchester-based virtual reality (VR) company Mi Hiepa have been working on finding the best solution for athletes to enhance their skills through VR. Beginning with football and tracking the whole movement of the foot in order to get data about players as they take part in a series of drills.

Analytics Startup Will Monitor Athletes’ Off-Field Behavior

If you’re an aspiring pro athlete, being careful about what you tweet, or like, or share has never been more important. Canadian startup Avrij Analytics plans to analyze online photos, text, and videos to gain insights into an athlete off the field.

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