Sport-tech start up scores first client win with Manchester United



November 6, 2017

Sport-tech start up scores first client win with Manchester United

Manchester-based tech start-up business Mi Hiepa has won a breakthrough first contract to supply its unique virtual reality football skills and coaching system to Manchester United. The club will install the virtual reality platform tool at its academy as a training aid for younger players to boost decision making and tactical awareness.

Review: Improve your game, set and match with Zepp Tennis 2

Back in the summer Zepp released the second generation of its smart tennis sensor. Unlike some of its competition, you can attach it to any racket and it will monitor key performance metrics so you can improve your technique on the court. There are some key differences between the Zepp Tennis 1 and 2.

Aerobic Endurance Measures and Analyses

The VO2max test is the most effective measurement of the body’s ability to deliver and use oxygen for producing energy that can be used by the muscles. VO2max (i.e., maximum aerobic power) simply stands for the maximal volume of oxygen that can be used.

The Fitness Wearable That Can Be Powered By Body Heat

After getting off the ground through crowdfunding, Matrix Industries’ PowerWatch has begun shipping to initial backers while touting itself as the first smartwatch to powered by body heat. Matrix Industries used advanced thermoelectric generators that operate more efficiently than available power generators, more efficient boost conversion circuitry to power the electronics and charge the internal battery, and thermal design to harvest the small amount of available heat within a wearable form-factor.

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