halo-neuroscience-logo-rgb-darkHalo Neuroscience develops neurotechnology to unlock human potential. The company’s first product, Halo Sport, stimulates the motor cortex during athletic training to accelerate gains in strength, endurance, and skill. Halo Sport is now live with teams and athletes from the U.S. Military, Olympics, NHL, NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MLB. Halo Neuroscience was founded in 2013 by Dr. Daniel Chao and Dr. Brett Wingeier, and is backed by top-tier investors including Lux Capital, JAZZ Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz.


Athos LogoAthos builds stronger, faster and more explosive athletes using their revolutionary Athos Training System (ATS). ATS captures muscle activity and heart rate with seamless apparel integration and delivers real-time feedback along with post workout recommendations that improve athletes’ training and performance. Athos is the first company to provide actionable muscle activity data to athletes and coaches using a non-intrusive and integrated platform.

Boston Biomotion, a NYC-based sports and healthtech company has developed the Proteus system, a cutting-edge hardware and analytics software that fundamentally alters and improves the way athletes and patients rehab and train. Boston Biomotion was founded in 2016 with elements of an old mechanical prototype CEO Sam Miller’s father, Larry, attempted to develop in the late 1990s for allowing athletes to replicate sport movements. Over two years of stealthy R&D, invention, and issued patents, Boston Biomotion developed the Proteus system. This new strength-training and rehabilitation solution includes: 1) a hardware that accommodates unrestricted human movement with the first-ever 3-dimensional resistance (like aquatic therapy on land) for enhanced, predictable, and measurable muscle activation; 2) integrated into a sophisticated software platform for athletes, coaches, trainers, and physical therapists that offers unique and compelling prevention, optimization, and personalization insights, drawing from first-ever human performance data.

Early technology development was validated through an equity agreement with the #1 orthopedic hospital in the US, The Hospital for Special Surgery, which provides co-development and collaboration services with their world class team of
experts spanning rehab, motion analysis, orthopedic surgery, and sports performance. The company has gone on to build an impressive network of some of the world’s most elite rehab and sports performance experts and influencers, intrigued by the company’s unique technology, and sharing the belief that Boston Biomotion is pioneering the future of training and physical rehabilitation.


Vald Performance is a technology company with a specific focus on measuring human performance. Vald Performance is responsible for the NordBord Hamstring Testing System, the GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System and the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System.

Our systems provide allied health professionals, sports scientists and conditioning staff with evidence based insights into an individual’s performance and injury risk.



Brain Vision LLC offers full-service solutions for neurophysiological research and is committed to providing end to end user solutions for research purposes.

Specializations include:
  • EEG/ERP software and hardware
  • EEG and fMRI compatible equipment
  • Stimulation devices and accessories

firefly-logoThe firefly™ device is an innovative nerve stimulation device intended for the stimulation of healthy muscles to improve or facilitate muscle performance. Portable, with no wires, and worn at the knee the firefly™ device triggers the body’s built in mechanisms to deliver painless electrical impulses via the common peroneal nerve to gently activate muscles in the lower leg that return blood towards the heart. This increase in blood circulation emulates that of active recovery without an athlete having to move or exert energy.

The one-size-fits-all device with proven sports recovery benefits is used by professional athletes and teams to accelerate the recovery process and reduce DOMS after high intensity exercise.

The firefly™ device is not intended to be used in conjuction with therapy or treatment of injuries, diseases or medical conditions of any kind.


The firefly™ device stimulates healthy muscles for:


Vasper_LogoVasper is a patented health and rehabilitation technology designed to promote systemic health gains. Compression and cooling are used with a low-impact recumbent bicycle to stimulate the natural production of anabolic hormones, which have wide-ranging health, rehabilitation, and performance benefits.

Zephyr Performance Systems is a leading performance management system that enables coaches, trainers and sports scientists to objectively understand and analyze athlete performance. Clients in the NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, EuroLeague Basketball, and U.S. Military rely on Zephyr’s integrated sensor system to track, train and transform their athletes’ performance. Backed by Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology and solutions provider, Zephyr tracks both physiological and biomechanical measurements – such as heart rate, acceleration, core body temperature, and impact – that generate valuable insights about exertion, efficiency, and effort. Armed with this objective data, coaching staff can drive athletes to peak performance while ensuring player safety. Zephyr gives you the tools to manage fatigue, speed up recovery, and train for success.

KINEXON’s core product is an ultrawide band (UWB) based tracking technology, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It provides inch-accurate position/motion data in real-time and is able to seamlessly connect to other wearables. KINEXON also developed a state of the art and easy to use web application providing essential indicators for training control, injury prevention and tactics. KINEXON is based out of Munich, Germany and opened a US subsidiary in New York City in 2016. It quickly became one of the leading providers of player tracking for indoor sports, with clients in the NBA, NHL and NCAA.

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Hundreds of elite sports teams, wellness professionals, and millions of consumers worldwide trust Firstbeat to enhance performance and well-being.

Strong Basis on Research

Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of user’s physiology through advanced modeling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV). The background of Firstbeat is in exercise and physiological sciences and our products are based on physiology research.

We employ over 100 specialists in physiology, analytics, sports technologies and well-being. Firstbeat analytics software based solutions are based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling, product designs and utilizing years of research with HRV methods. We have analyzed several trillions of heart beats.

Altogether millions of individuals are already using Firstbeat analytics to promote sports performance and healthy life.

Our mission is to provide meaningful physiological information that helps people to improve their well-being and performance. As a company, we are committed to work with partners that share our vision to provide everyone access to actionable feedback on wellness and performance, whether in competitive sports, personal fitness or the corporate world.


simi-logoSIMI® manufactures high-end image-based Motion Capture and Analysis Systems for movement and behavior analysis.

SIMI® systems are high-speed camera based systems using state of the art industrial image processing technology. Our mission is to develop high end image based movement analysis technology with a clear focus on the user friendliness.

The Simi Markerless motion capture technology is the future of 3D biomechanics. Its applicable in any environment, even in a stadium or in game situation.


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