SFU Researchers Predicted an NHL Player’s Playoff Performance



June 2, 2017

SFU researchers predicted an NHL player’s playoff performance – SFU News – Simon Fraser University

The paper that Schulte is referring to summarizes the research his team conducted last summer before the 2016-2017 NHL season began. The researchers used data from the 2015-2016 season to cluster hockey players based on their movement patterns. They then used location data and machine learning techniques to develop a player performance assessment system.

Two Training Apps Join Together to Focus on Swings and Brains | BaseballAmerica.com

From a focus on refining a swing to preparing a brain, Tuesday’s announcement of the integration of two baseball training apps-Diamond Kinetics and Axon Sports-gives this new “family of apps” a more far-reaching training platform. Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J.

The Truth about Sugar for Runners

On average, Americans consume more than 22 teaspoons of sugar each day for breakfast. That is 355 calories from sugar and more than double the amount of sugar a

Talk Human to Me: Your Best Workout Buddy Might Be Powered by A.I.

The following is an op-ed by Gaurav Mathur, who was diagnosed pre-diabetic a few years back and since then has been passionate about using technology to enable health and wellness. He is the founder and CEO of Electric Sheep, a young startup building Astro, a product aimed at using technology to improve personal health & fitness.

Greg Norman, Verizon Ventures Invest In PlaySight Expansion Into Golf

Can Greg Norman help change the golf course as we know it? He’s putting investment money behind that idea. Norman and Verizon Ventures – Verizon’s corporate VC unit – announced Friday that they had made a strategic investment in PlaySight to assist in the company’s global SmartCourt expansion into golf and other sports.

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