Seattle Seahawks Players Talk About Their Experience Wearing New High-Tech Vicis Helmet




August 29, 2017

Seattle Seahawks players talk about their experience wearing new high-tech Vicis helmet

NFL players notice something different with Vicis’ new helmet. Seattle-based startup Vicis has its high-tech helmet on the NFL playing field this month as several players are trying out a new way to protect their head from injury. As we reported earlier this month, a handful of Seahawks have been testing the Vicis helmet during practice and preseason games.

Examples Of Virtual Reality In Sports

Virtual reality is a virtual or simulated three-dimensional environment that is generated by a computer. It is typically experienced through a helmet or headset with a built-in screen, which deliver audio and visual stimuli to the user. Virtual reality in sports is being widely adopted across the industry for a variety of uses.

Computer algorithm automatically recognizes soccer formations and defensive strategies

Though soccer players have assigned roles, it’s routine for players to swap positions during the course of a game, or even of a single play. Other players and most fans recognize when this occurs and now, thanks to new work on multi-agent imitation learning, so can a computer.

This Australian Company’s Mouth Guard That Can Help With Concussion Assessments

Nobody has to tell you that concussions are a major problem for contact sports. In many cases, remedies such as having ATC spotters on the sidelines of NFL games have been put in place. The problem is, most concussions are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Defend Your Head Looks To Advance Safe Helmet Technology

In December 2015, Will Smith took to the big screen to play a forensic pathologist who took on the NFL about traumatic brain injuries and subsequent diseases, especially chronic traumatic encephalopathy. At the same time, a product was in development that now is poised to reduce the chance of these brain injuries.

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