Seattle Mariners Embrace Rapsodo, K-Motion, Motus, TrackMan


June 26, 2018

Seattle Mariners Embrace Rapsodo, K-Motion, Motus, TrackMan

Seattle Mariners lefty pitcher James Paxton has been dominant at times this season, striking out as many as 16 batters in a game and throwing the first no-hitter of his career. The stats he began tracking this year, however, aren’t generated on days he starts.

England Reportedly Training in Far Infrared Pants for World Cup

To help keep muscles warm and prevent injury, England’s national team reportedly has been training in battery-operated, far-infrared heat pants. These Lizard Heat compression pants are made from a bio-ceramic fabric and claim to prevent injury by keeping legs toasty during periods of rest or light work, such as meetings and warm ups.

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Resistance Training Volume to Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy

The manipulation of resistance training (RT) variables is widely considered an essential strategy to maximize muscular adaptations. One variable that has received substantial attention in this regard is RT volume. This infographic provides evidence-based guidelines as to volume when creating RT programs designed to maximize muscle hypertrophy.

Spanish Soccer Star Andrés Iniesta Invests In Wearable Jersey Cameras

One of the world’s biggest soccer stars is backing the use of wearable cameras. FirstV1sion, a Spanish tech startup, has partnered with FC Barcelona star Andrés Iniestato raise close to 5.3 million for clothes with embedded cameras. Firstv1sion claims its cameras have broadcast quality recording.

What does running do to your brain?

It may seem obvious – as you push on through a long run, veering wildly between sensations of agony and elation – that running can have a huge effect on your state of mind.

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