SAP Arms Reigning World Cup Champion Germany With Tools to Defend Title


June 15, 2018

SAP Arms Reigning World Cup Champion Germany With Tools to Defend Title

The German National Team is hoping to defend its World Cup title using SAP-powered data analytics to help coaches and players scout opponents and review performance. SAP first partnered with Germany ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, building a centralized big data war room that assisted the team as it worked toward its fourth World Cup win.

Study Explains How Wearable Technology Can Be Successfully Integrated Into Sports

A study conducted by International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) explains ways to accelerate integration of wearable devices into sports. Our CEO Christian Stammel, MBA, of Wearable Technologies is among the authors. Wearables are receiving considerable attention from the athletic community as a growing number of companies are producing these devices.

Why Are Improvements from Training Different Among Athletes?

By Craig Pickering If you’ve ever trained a group of athletes, you’ve probably noticed something peculiar. Even though you give the group the same training program, at the end of the training block, there are vast differences in how much those athletes improve.

Year Round Throwing Manual Released

One of the primary goals of every athlete is to optimize their skills and abilities. In baseball, there is not a more important skill than throwing. Put rather bluntly, if you can’t throw, you can’t play. But throwing is more than just being injury free.

Fitbit’s quest to understand how we sleep is raising fascinating questions

Fitbit is obsessed with sleep. The company has collected 6.5 billion nights worth of data now, and that has helped it observe different sleep trends amongst its users. But now it’s doing something a little different, crossing this info with data from other Fitbit features to look for patterns.

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