Saints’ Use of Zebra Technologies to Track Players in Practice is Now Spreading Across NFL


January 31, 2018

Saints’ use of Zebra Technologies to track players in practice is now spreading across NFL

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – The New Orleans Saints were the first team to go all-in on technology that is now sweeping across the NFL. Zebra Technologies, the real-time player tracking system the Saints have been using for years, is now in the fourth year of a five-year contract with the NFL that uses Zebra to track every single player in the NFL on game day and produce statistics like the NFL’s Next Gen Stats.

Eight Must-Read, Peer-Reviewed tDCS Studies – Halo Neuroscience

The body of scientific literature on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is extensive - since 2003, thousands of papers and tens of thousands of subjects have confirmed the efficacy and safety of combining brain stimulation with training to accelerate improvement. During Halo Neuroscience’s weekly journal club, we review the latest research and understand how it fits within the overall body of work published today.

With New Cleat, Adidas Changes the Production Game

The company can now take footwear from design, to production, to use in under 14 days. Before Amazon Prime made everyone want something in two days or less, there were shipping options for 14-day delivery. Whether it was the cheapest option, or we weren’t in a rush, consumers still had the option.

The effects of cold water immersion and active recovery on inflammation and cell stress responses in human skeletal muscle after resistance exercise

Research Paper Corresponding author School of Biomedical Sciences and Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research, Queensland Academy of Sport, Brisbane, Australia Corresponding author J. Peake: Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove, Queensland 4059, Australia.

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