Man or machine? Robot proves effective in diagnosing sports concussions

Man or machine? Robot proves effective in diagnosing sports concussions

While most sports concussions are diagnosed through an individual’s experience or an onsite MRI or CT scan, a new technique is offering a tool that is much more accessible for players.The so-called “doctor robot” is a remote-controlled unit that is placed on the sidelines of a football game.

Foundations of Applied Sports Science: A Starting Point in Sports Performance – SimpliFaster

This second installment of Coach Matt Hauck’s sports performance article series provides useful steps on the organization of the data that coaches, staff, trainers, and sports scientists collect on athlete performance, training, recovery, and readiness. This data needs to be compiled and assessed with an eye toward summarization, quantification, comparisons, and bioenergetic demands.

2017 Seattle Sounders FC Sports Science Weekend

Learn From The Brightest Minds In Sports Science & Performance Coaching ABOUT From June 8-10, 2017 the Seattle Sounders FC will bring in some of the brightest minds in sports science and performance enhancement to join their coaching staff in sharing the latest methodologies in sports specific training, strength & conditioning, performance coaching, and sports science.

The Practical Application of Biomechanics

We’ve learned a lot about biomechanics and gone through a lot of important concepts and ideas, but what now? How is this info applied and what do we do about it? That’s what we talk about in this podcast. Biomechanics can seem complicated.

Why Professional Sports Leagues Should Launch Venture Capital Arms

Corporate venture capital (CVC) is a subset of venture capital (VC) where established corporations make systematic investments in startups related to the company’s own industry. According to CB Insights, companies like General Electric (GE), DuPont, General Dynamics and 3M were among the first to create corporate venture programs in the 1960’s.

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