Resting Healthy NBA Players During the Season May Not Help Them in Playoffs




October 19, 2017

Resting Healthy NBA Players During the Season May Not Help Them in Playoffs

(Inside Science) — Last March, the seemingly invincible Golden State Warriors looked mortal. One of their superstars, Kevin Durant, was out with a knee injury, and the team had lost four of six games.Citing the need for rest, head coach Steve Kerr sat his healthy star players for a much-anticipated matchup with the San Antonio Spurs.

Motor Learning: What Coaches Should Know About the Science – SimpliFaster

There are a lot of useful motor-learning science concepts that coaches and trainers are missing out on. In this article, Coach Carl Valle shares information on some of these that helped him during frustrating periods in his own journey.

8 Hidden Benefits of Olympic-Style Weightlifting for All Sports – SimpliFaster

Weight lifts are more than just training to improve athletic power; they are part of the equation for improving discipline. While this article is a defense of the Olympic-style lifts, it’s also a template for coaches to rethink everything they do and realize what is possible in all sports with just a few exercises.

JAWKU Speed, the wearable to measure Speed, Agility and Reaction time. – Sports Wearable

JAWKU Speed is the new era technology which is designed to measure speed, agility and reaction time. With JAWKU Speed, all these parameters provide you with better results, motivation and a purpose. It wirelessly connects with the users iOS device and gives an opportunity to visualize the performance over time as well as giving the …

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