Purdue Engineering Team Works 30 Hours Straight to Construct an Elbow Brace For Isaac Haas


March 23, 2018

Purdue Engineering team works 30 hours straight to construct an elbow brace for Isaac Haas

“We’ve been working with Sports Medicine here at Purdue for more than 10 years,” said Nauman, professor of Mechanical Engineering. “We’ve done concussion studies, and built braces and other assistive devices for athletes of all ages. But this one was unique.”

Should Coaches Monitor Their Athlete’s Mitochondria?

Everyone in conditioning should care about how mitochondria function and adapt to training. With new science and not much equipment, coaches can start building aerobic adaptations through more simplified training, and see improvements with what they already do in field testing.

How can coaches induce variability in motor learning?

Variability is considered critical for motor learning. When skills are practiced in a variable order, mental effort is heightened and learning is often enhanced. Variability is also important from a movement pattern perspective. For every task in sport, there is always more than one solution for achieving the task goal.

Researchers Develop Portable Brain-Imaging Tech To Improve Concussion Diagnosis

The next wave of concussion testing technology could come out of the University of Calgary. Its researchers have been working to develop a portable brain-imaging system that would help diagnose concussions, detect damage and estimate recovery timelines.

He was an athlete and a college-bound honor student. Then a concussion stole it all.

LA QUINTA, Calif. – Kevin Salamone’s eyes were locked on a soccer ball, floating tantalizingly through the air, so he never saw the elbow coming. He jumped for a header just as a defender’s arm crashed down on his skull, bashing his brain from above.

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