PSV Eindhoven First In World To Use New Portable Ultrasound



October 13, 2017

PSV Eindhoven First In World To Use New Portable Ultrasound

PSV Eindhoven, one of the Netherlands’ premier soccer clubs, is no stranger to experimenting with new technologies. They’ve taken part in athlete cognitive training and, in 2015, became the first team in the Netherlands to play under LED lighting. And now they’ll be able to diagnose injuries to their athletes as soon as they occur.

Riddell Is Using 3D Scanning To Develop Custom Helmets

Football equipment manufacturer Riddell is making custom-fitted helmets for players in hopes of improving vision and protection. Its Precision-Fit technology scans the size and surface of an athlete’s head and converts the data into a 3D model. “You eliminate that lag, so to speak, when a player moves his head.

Minimal Window Duration for Accurate HRV Recording in Athletes

Heart rate variability (HRV) is non-invasive and commonly used for monitoring responses to training loads, fitness or overreaching in athletes. Yet, the recording duration for a series of RR-intervals varies from 1 to 15 min in the literature. The aim of the present work was to assess the minimum record duration to obtain reliable HRV results.

Analysis of injury mechanisms in sport – Free webinar

This free webinar will help you understand the injury mechanisms which are key to improving injury prevention strategies. Contact sports typically impose high and repetitive biomechanical demands on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. This can lead to acute or chronic injuries. Understanding the mechanisms causing these injuries is key to improve injury prevention strategies.

LifeBeam Launches Its Voice Activated AI Trainer Vi – Sports Wearable

Vi is a personal trainer developed by Life Beam. It is unlike any other exercise related tech gadget because it is first of its kind personalized artificial intelligence trainer. The biometric earphones come with voice commands along with its other sensitive functions. The biosensors are powered by Harman Kardon.

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