Profile 90 Has Its Eye on the Ball for Spotting Sports Talent


February 5, 2018

Profile 90 has its eye on the ball for spotting sports talent

Our Start-up of the Week is Profile 90, the Dublin-based creator of a smart talent identification platform that will revolutionise how sports teams recruit. “It is the first scouting technology to combine a multi-focus on the physical attributes, mental fitness and social behavior of players,” said Profile 90 CEO and co-founder Dr Jagdish Basra.

Both on and off the field, wearables are taking on the NFL’s concussion crisis

If you’re tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, chances are you already know the drill. Start with some football, sprinkle in some overworked commercials and stats on how many potato chips are being consumed during the game, have your uncle tell you why Tom Brady isn’t the greatest of all time – and that’s pretty much it.

Public invited to explore NAU’s new Human Performance Lab at ribbon cutting

Members of the Northern Arizona University and Flagstaff communities are invited to a ribbon cutting for the state-of-art Human Performance Lab. WHAT: The Human Performance Lab is part of Northern Arizona University’s Center for Bioengineering Innovation (CBI).

Flywheel Training vs. Weights: What Does Science Say? – SimpliFaster

Current research seems to be conclusive in showing that flywheel training is superior to traditional weights for increasing muscle power, strength, hypertrophy, and athletic performance. However, the studies are not yet comprehensive and we need more clinical research to look at other methods of eccentric overloading, as well as what is optimal.

How to Make Running Faster Simple: An Interview With Steve Moneghetti – Runners Connect

Do you find yourself jumping from training theory to training theory in search of the latest ideas or the perfect plan for you? Olympian Steve Moneghetti explains how sometimes keeping running simple can be the best way to improve:

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