Position-Specific Helmets Could Be Next Step For NFL Head Health



November 13, 2017

Position-Specific Helmets Could Be Next Step For NFL Head Health

The NFL provided the first research update of its Engineering Roadmap, offering data from its video review of every concussion-inducing play from the past two seasons in hopes the work can “galvanize new ideas,” said Jeff Miller, the league executive charged with overseeing health and safety.

Heat Acclimation Decay and Re-Induction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Although the acquisition of heat acclimation (HA) is well-documented, less is known about HA decay (HAD) and heat re-acclimation (HRA). The available literature suggests 1 day of HA is lost following

There may be a sense in which expert athletes see things in slow motion

By Christian Jarrett Experienced sports players aren’t just highly skilled at executing their own actions, they also have what often seems like a supernatural ability to read the game, to watch other players and anticipate what’s going to happen next. A clever new study in Psychological Research offers insight into the brain basis of this…

Six diet and exercise supplements contain banned stimulant

Researchers found that six supplements claiming to contain an ingredient called ‘2-aminoisoheptane’ actually contained banned compounds The stimulants in the supplements have been linked to heart problems and are similar to ephedrine, which was linked to 155 deaths before it was banned The study authors discovered additional products containing the

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