Podcast: Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto on MLB Team’s Usage of Analytics, Sports science, Nutrition




July 7, 2017

Podcast: Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto on MLB team’s usage of analytics, sports science, nutrition

To describe Jerry Dipoto as a baseball geek is probably an understatement. The Seattle Mariners general manager has long been a baseball historian and statistical guru, dating back to his days as a Major League relief pitcher when he was the only active player who was also an active member of the Society for American Baseball Research.

With new coaching regime, what is Broncos’ approach to advanced analytics?

The Broncos’ playoff hopes hinged on the strength and accuracy of Brandon McManus ‘ leg. This was no exaggeration. Not as the Broncos’ Week 12 game against divisional rival Kansas City stretched into the 75th minute with the score tied at 27. In hindsight, the late hours of Nov.

Sports Technology is Changing the Game: a Closer Look into Costs, Performance, Safe Return to Play

For all the calories that NFL teams burn on salary cap management – capologists, delayed bonuses, free agency spending – there remains an uncertainty that no analytics can project. Injuries. No soothsayer, oracle or tea leaves could have foreseen that Houston defensive end J.J. Watt would only appear in three games last season.

Speedo Launches Swim Training Platform For Garmin Users

One month after Apple unveiled a new version of its smartwatch that integrates more fluidly with a training app called MySwimPro, swimsuit maker Speedo has unveiled a rival platform in hopes of leveraging its already established community of swimmers. Speedo U.K.

Intelligent Leggings For Runners Could Be The Next Big Wearable Tech! – Sports Wearable

Wearables are changing our way of living and habits. From Smartwatches to activity trackers and to Sports trackers, wearables are changing the way we associated ourselves and our fitness. There is much to come. Wearables are in their boom and they will soon be launching with different forms. We have a lot to expect and a lot to shock over when new technologies come.

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