Penn Scores Exclusive Use Of Sparta Science Technology In Ivy League



October 18, 2017

Penn Scores Exclusive Use Of Sparta Science Technology In Ivy League

The University of Pennsylvania is about to gain a significant competitive advantage over its Ivy League peers, but not in a way most would expect. Instead of becoming better or more athletic, they’ll simply be much healthier. That’s because Penn recently signed a three-year exclusivity deal with Sparta Science, an injury management technology company, it was announced last week.

Boosting the Athletic Brain – From Nerve Cells to the Grey Matter – SimpliFaster

Sports nutrition has a clear problem-we need to do more than just ensure athletes get calories. We’re missing out on fueling for memory, speed, reaction time, vision, and longevity. DHA supplementation rewires the athlete so they can react quicker, increases visual processing speed, and serves as a neuroprotective shield for future brain, eye, and cardiovascular health.

Editorial: Mental health challenges in elite sport: Balancing risk with reward

Mental health is a global societal challenge. Sport, more specifically, elite sport, offers a potential window into the mental health challenges of young people. We initiated this research topic by proposing that explanations for mental health disturbance in sport predominantly based on training load (e.g.

Rutgers study finds female athletes at higher risk for concussions than their male counterparts | The Daily Targum

Researchers at Rutgers-Newark are studying the impact of concussions on female athletes after noticing that women suffer concussions at higher rates and experience more severe symptoms than men. The researchers, led by Dr. Carrie Esopenko of the Rutgers School of Health Professions, are not entirely certain why this is, but one theory has to do with neck strength.

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