Omega Installs Player Tracking For Olympic Hockey, Could NHL Be Next?


February 22, 2018

Omega Installs Player Tracking For Olympic Hockey, Could NHL Be Next?

As the U.S. women’s ice hockey team skated to its first Olympic gold medal since 1998, stitched into the sweaters on the backs of every player was a small motion sensor weighing fewer than 10 grams and transmitting reams of data over a dedicated frequency to antennas installed throughout the arena.

USA Bobsled and Skeleton Uses iPads To Optimize Runs In PyeongChang

USA Bobsled coach Mike Kohn talks about how iPads have changed the way the team trains. In a sport with a large home-field advantage, the ability to see a 3D model of a track has allowed the team to plan their runs before landing in South Korea.

Finding the Measures That Matter with Sport Tech – SimpliFaster

Last year, we may have seen a critical mass of various levels of team sport making purchases. However, many of those buyers, as well as many coaches who already use sport technology, need a better understanding of the information they collect on athletes.

The Ice Hockey Research Group Braves the Ice with Vicon to Study the Effects of Hockey – Sports Wearable

For Canadians, hockey is more than a pastime – it’s a way of life. From a young age many Canadians learn to skate. It can become as natural as walking to some, but the reality is that skating – and especially hockey – can take their toll on the human body.

Sports Will Never Be the Same Again, Thanks to Wearables and Robotics

Major League Baseball (MLB) just announced that it will start allowing players to use wearable sensors on the field. The Motus baseball sleeve and Zephyr bioharness are the first devices to be approved for use by baseball teams. The primary objective is to help prevent injuries, but the devices will also allow players and coaches to monitor performance.

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