Nike Says Its $250 Running Shoes Will Make You Run Much Faster. What if That’s Actually True?


July 18, 2018

Nike Says Its $250 Running Shoes Will Make You Run Much Faster. What if That’s Actually True?

Illustration by Agnes Lee Illustration by Agnes Lee If a running shoe made you 25 percent faster, would it be fair to wear it in a race? What about 10 percent? Or 2 percent? The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% – a bouncy, expensive shoe released to the public one year ago – raises these questions like no shoe in recent distance running history.

HomeCourt AI App Tracks Jump Shots From an iPhone

An AI technology that has caught the attention of and received investment dollars from NBA A-listers like Steve Nash, Mark Cuban, Sam Hinkie, and Jeremy Lin was born in a Bay Area pickup game. David Lee’s wife and daughter had come by to watch him play-just as his jumper went cold.

Spin Rate: Batted Balls Missing Component

Quite a bit has been written about batted ball data the past few seasons since the information has become publicly available. Fantasy owners have taken notice and are trying to find that next hitter who is raising his launch angle to be part of the “Flyball Revolution”.

Five sports psychology techniques we can learn from the England football team

Dr Josephine Perry, Sports Psychology Consultant Five of the techniques I noticed being used by the England team replicate well over to many other sports and learning about them could help us all to have better performances, whatever field, court or track we compete on. 1. Seeing competitions as

NATA Offers 10 Tips to Prevent Heat Illness and Dehydration

DALLAS – Many parts of the country are experiencing extreme heat this summer, but for the most part, outdoor activities continue as planned. Young athletes participating in summer and pre-season sports are particularly susceptible in July and August.

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