NHL Designing A Smart Puck That Will Track 200 Times Per Second


May 22, 2018

NHL Smart Puck Will Bring Big Data to the Pro Hockey Ice

The NHL is embedding technology into its pucks that will allow it to track movement on the ice at a rate of roughly 200 times a second, according to David Lehanski, the NHL’s senior vice president of business development and global partnerships.

VICIS Adapts its Helmet Technology From Football to Combat

VICIS, creator of the top-rated helmet for football safety, announced a contract to improve combat head protection with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center today. The company will work on replacing existing foam liner pads in combat helmets with its own technology.

GE Healthcare and FitTrace announce collaboration to offer body composition analysis software for sports and fitness markets

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style Madison, Wis. – May 17, 2018 – GE Healthcare announced today a joint marketing collaboration agreement with FitTrace™, a leading cloud-based body composition analysis and reporting software company.

10 Degrees: The story of Jordan Hicks’ 105.1-mph pitch, which was (maybe) the hardest ever thrown

There’s a theoretical limit on the human arm, a point at which a ligament or muscle or tendon or bone will combust under the stress and strain of throwing a baseball. So long as that exists only in the abstract, there is always the possibility of seeing something like 43,560 fans did Sunday in St.

| Halo Sport Partners with USA Cycling to Research the Benefits of Neuro-Technology

Halo Sport has partnered with USA Cycling to research the benefits Neuro-Technology may have on cycling. The partnership involves testing cyclists to see how integrating Halo Sport’s technology into their training can increase power output, technique and extend endurance. As part of the partnership, Halo Sport and USA Cycling will also apply the powers of Neuro-Stimulation …

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