NFL Safety Tech: The Data Behind the Helmet Rule


September 4, 2018

NFL Safety Tech, Part One: The Data Behind the Helmet Rule

This four-part series examines the NFL’s $60 million investment in the Engineering Roadmap to develop research and technology to make football safer. Part one discusses the data behind the controversial helmet rule. Part two outlines the engineering work supporting the roadmap. Part three discusses the crowdsourcing of innovative solutions.

Explosive Strength Development: Myths, Methodology, and Measurement – SimpliFaster

The term “explosive” gets used often by coaches and fans without proper assessments to back up the claim. Coach Valle dispels some of the myths surrounding explosive strength development by presenting a clear and practical training methodology, as well as measurement recommendations.

The disconnect between strength and speed – ELITETRACK

I recently did an interview for Empowered Athlete and one of the questions looks at a topic that comes up often on ELITETRACK: the disconnect that often occurs between strength and speed. Here’s the question and you can find the entire interview HERE… Boyle said, “Many athletes can squat large amounts of weight.

Volleyball Concussions: “It’s scary. It’s a hard injury to deal with.”

Volleyball has a concussion problem. It’s not new, but it’s there, and, from all accounts, it’s worse than ever. When we asked longtime Arizona women’s coach Dave Rubio if he’d ever dealt with concussions, he said simply, “We all have.”

Pocket Radar Launches the Next Generation of Sports Speed Radars – Sports Wearable

Pocket Radar launched the Smart Coach Radar, it is portable smart radar that accompanies a smartphone training app. It helps provide video records and speed insights. It is one of the first affordable speed and video training system. Smart Coach Radar can be proven helpful for numerous sports like baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis and lacrosse.

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