NFL Safety Tech, Part Two: Engineering a Safer Sport with Data


September 5, 2018

NFL Safety Tech, Part Two: Engineering a Safer Sport with Data

This four-part series examines the NFL’s $60 million investment in the Engineering Roadmap to develop research and technology to make football safer. Part one discusses the data behind the controversial helmet rule. Part two outlines the engineering work supporting the roadmap. Part three discusses the crowdsourcing of innovative solutions.

A Look at Novak Djokovic’s Mastery of the Tennis Return

Novak Djokovic has one of the best return games in tennis. He not only wins 85 percent of the games in which he serves, he also wins about a third of the games in which his opponent serves.

An Interview with University of Florida Strength Coach Matt DeLancey – SimpliFaster Blog

This week’s Freelap Friday Five is a conversation with the Florida Gators’ assistant director of strength and conditioning, Matt Delancey. Topics range from the use of the snatch to train swimmers to the importance of communicating with athletes to help keep them injury-free. We also touch on education, and how to become a better instructor.

A Japanese teenager threw 881 pitches over two weeks. Is that abuse?

September 4 at 12:56 PM The legend of Daisuke Matsuzaka – the Boston Red Sox flameout and architect of the mythic “gyro ball” – began with a 148-pitch shutout in the summer of 1998. That performance came in the round of 16 of Japan’s national high school baseball tournament, called the summer Koshien.

Matt Little: A paradigm shift in measuring and monitoring tennis players | Catapult Sports

Matt Little has worked as a strength and conditioning coach in elite tennis for over 15 years. He currently leads Sir Andy Murray’s performance support team and manages the monitoring systems used by the three-time Grand Slam title winner. Elite-level tennis is an incredibly gruelling and brutal sport.

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