Tony Beltran Used Sports Science to Return From a Devastating Injury


November 9, 2018

Tony Beltran Used Sports Science to Return From a Devastating Injury

SportTechie’s Athletes Voice series features the views and opinions of the athletes who use and are powered by technology. Recently, SportTechie talked to Tony Beltran about how technology aided his rehab from a serious knee injury. To be the first to hear each athlete’s insights, subscribe to the Athletes Voice newsletter .

Biological Background of Block Periodized Endurance Training: A Review

Vladimir B. Issurin Block periodized (BP) training is an innovative and prospective approach that is drawing increasing attention from coaching scientists and practitioners. However, its further dissemination and implementation demands serious scientific biological underpinnings.

Performance Teams and “Lanes” – Resilient Performance Systems | Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, Performance Training, Education, Consulting

“Stay in your lane,” said nobody any of us would like to work with. When it comes to medical and performance teams in sport, it is not always clear where the lanes are. First, who decides where to draw the lanes? In medicine, the lanes are often guided by political and economic incentives, not necessarily by clinically meaningful criteria.

Hawks become latest team to embrace neurological technology

The Atlanta Hawks have recently become the second NBA team to enter a partnership with SyncThink. SyncThink works in neurotechnology with foundational IP in eye tracking analytics. The Hawks will use it to track the fatigue of the players throughout the year. This will help cut the risk of injuries.

London is the SportsTech capital of Europe

Over the past few years the fusion of sports and technology has evolved and become commonplace amongst tech companies and sporting brands & associations alike. However, despite the growth, engineers, gamers and technology experts in Silicon Valley for example are not the first thing you associate with the sports

Villanova, MLB Team Eye Virtual Reality Training for Batters and Catchers


November 8, 2018

Villanova, MLB Team Eye Virtual Reality Training for Batters and Catchers

Imagine you’re at home plate, your bat lifted behind your shoulder. You eye the pitcher as he sets up, carefully paying attention to not just the sights that play into the timing of your swing, but the sounds, too. Researchers at Villanova believe those audiovisual cues will set apart the next generation of players.

The secrets of endurance athletes

This story is an adaptation of What are the limits of human endurance? , an episode of CrowdScience presented by Marnie Chesterton and produced by Cathy Edwards. To listen to more episodes of CrowdScience from the BBC World Service, please click here .

How Poor Core Strength Can Sabotage a Pitcher’s Entire Delivery

Pitchers need core strength. Why? Because poor core strength can set off a series of chain reactions throughout your body that results in a weak, inefficient delivery. Anterior core strength (meaning the strength of the core muscles on the front of our body) is key for achieving the proper amount of lumbar extension, which in turn affects the position of the trunk/thorax (rib cage).

Digging into Elite Sprint Kinetics and Training with JB Morin – SimpliFaster

Athletes are often strong, but not correspondingly fast. The nature and application of sprint forces are key factors in creating better training programs. JB Morin shares his take on vertical and horizontal sprint forces, their direction of application, testing and assessing these ideals, and correcting deficits in force application.

Variation in Body Center of Mass During Freestyle

Body position is deemed an important variable for swimming success. However, body position is typically regarded as a static position in freestyle, despite noticeable undulation during the swims of many elite middle-distance swimmers. Perhaps more importantly, external work depends on changes in the position and velocity of the center of mass (CM), which is typically expressed as the intracycle velocity variation (IVV).

Chinese Soccer Signs With STATSports in Quest for World Cup Glory


November 5, 2018

Chinese Soccer Signs With STATSports in Quest for World Cup Glory

STATSports has inked a deal with the Chinese Football Association that could see as many as 50 million Chinese soccer players monitored.

Arsene Wenger on the Future of Soccer Analytics at the Paris 2018 SiS

Wenger joined leaders from the sports tech space earlier this week for the Sports Innovation Society’s Paris 2018 Sport Innovation Summit.

Loading Mechanics: Center of Mass v. Center of Pressure

In this article we look at some principles in the load, most specifically a basic explanation of the relationship between a hitters center of mass and center of pressure.

The Posterior Chain: A Modern Approach and Perspective – SimpliFaster

Strength & conditioning coaches need to refocus on the posterior chain. This training progression plan helps athletes develop these muscles.

Sparta Science

Sparta Science reduces injuries and optimizes performance with validated scientific assessments and evidence based prescriptions. Sparta’s software is used worldwide by the military, sports organizations across all levels, and the medical community to quickly predict, diagnose, and prescribe personalized plans that reduce any physical limitations to improve an individual’s availability.