New Smart Athletic Wear Tracks Muscle Metabolism In Athletes


February 20, 2018

New Smart Athletic Wear Tracks Muscle Metabolism In Athletes

A new smart athletic wear being developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia seeks to use infrared technology to measure muscle metabolism and monitor vital performance metrics. Through a series of sensors and software embedded in the fabric of the smart garment, researchers say they are able to derive insight into how well athletes are recovering, whether they’re at risk of injury, and whether they’re physically prepared for competition.

Adidas Uses Data Model Of James Harden’s Feet For His New Shoe

Adidas recently unveiled its innovative Harden Vol 2 sneakers – the latest installment of Houston Rockets superstar James Harden’s line – using advanced generative software to reinforce the shoe according to his own patterns of footwork and direction changes. The Beard and his new #HardenVol2 @adidasHoops #NBAKicks available exclusively @footlocker!

Swing IQ Smart Apparel by Majestic – Hitting Analysis in Baseball Games – Sports Wearable

Even though, Majestic will not be the provider of on-field uniforms for Major League Baseball starting from 2020 but did not stop them from introducing this smart apparel called Swing IQ. It is still not clear if this product launched by Intel will be used in Major League Baseball but its uniqueness has made it worthy of …

Impressio, Winner At 1st And Future, Creates Protective Helmet Foam

As Christopher Yakacki, Ph.D., told the crowd of entrepreneurs, judges and fans at the NFL’s 1st & Future innovation showcase the day before Super Bowl LII, “We’re a little different. We’re engineering professors that have been obsessed with finding new materials to improve human health.”

The Athlete’s Guide to the Brain: An Introduction – Halo Neuroscience

If you’re an athlete, it’s a no-brainer (get it?) that the key to improving athletic performance is training. Typically we understand athletic training as a physical routine that involves strengthening and coordinating relevant muscles in order to achieve a desired result. However, physical training is only part of the story.

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