New iPhone App Uses Augmented Reality For Basketball Training


September 13, 2018

Sports tech at Apple event: New iPhone app uses augmented reality for basketball training

A startup wants to help basketball players improve their jump shot – with just a smartphone. Among the flurry of announcements made at its press event on Wednesday, Apple showed off HomeCourt, a new iPhone app that uses augmented reality to track basketball shots. AR tech built into the iPhone -…

Training Eyes on the Smallest Details, Soccer Embraces the Specialist Coach

On Soccer MANCHESTER, England – Over the years, Thomas Gronnemark has encountered pretty much every conceivable reaction to his work. He has known some players who have laughed at the idea. He has found others who think his job is “weird.” He has met many, too, who are willing to listen, happy to explore any possible route to improvement.

8 Career Lessons I Learned From Henk Kraaijenhof – SimpliFaster

We all have mentors and/or influencers who have made an impact on the way we look at, think about, and approach our work. Trainers and coaches should take the time to review the people who influence them, so they can learn what makes them who they are.

‘Where is the football?’ Inside Ohio State’s unique, elaborate warm-up routine for QBs

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Before J.T. Barrett can look like a quarterback for Ohio State, he has to go through a routine that more closely resembles rhythmic gymnastics. Before he can touch a football, he has to pick up a long stick, a couple of elastic bands, a pair of weighted, round balls – and a baseball.

Damaging nature of decelerations: Do we adequately prepare players?

Frequent and intense accelerations and decelerations are crucial elements of match play.1-4 Both accelerations and decelerations expose players to high levels of mechanical stress, are recognised as key contributors to overall biomechanical load,5 and may exert a significant impact on performance potential (eg, ability to sustain high force output and attenuation).

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