Motus Global brings biomechanical analysis to football with motusQB 3D sensor




May 30, 2017

Motus Global brings biomechanical analysis to football

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Football IntelliGym Improves Soccer Players’ Cognitive Gameplay

What if soccer players were spaceships scoring with, defending, and fighting over a hexagonal ball on your computer screen? That unlikely scenario is the reality in Football IntelliGym, a computer-based training program that is designed to improve the cognitive skills associated with playing soccer.

Intel partners with ICC, announces new cricket innovations for the upcoming Champions Trophy 2017 – Tech2

Intel is working on bringing new innovations to the game of cricket as it today announced its partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Player trackers to revolutionise Origin experience

Thu 25 May, 2017, 2:00pm Media Release, NRL Player tracking will revolutionise the way rugby league fans experience the 2017 Holden State of Origin series. Every player involved in the State of Origin series will be wearing special RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Device) which will allow host broadcaster Channel Nine to enhance the statistical component of its coverage via what will be the Telstra Tracker.

What’s the best way to identify talent? The statistics vs visuals debate

Watch enough high-level matches and one begins to appreciate the complexity of true player development – or at the very least, acknowledge it. The problem, however, is that many mistake appreciating the complexity of player development with understanding it. What makes player development fascinating is the fact it’s the ultimate inexact science.

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