Motor Learning: What Coaches Should Know About the Science


September 24, 2018

Motor Learning: What Coaches Should Know About the Science

There are a lot of useful motor-learning science concepts that coaches and trainers are missing out on. In this article, Coach Carl Valle shares information on some of these that helped him during frustrating periods in his own journey.

The Many Benefits of Sleep for Athletic Performance

Every athlete knows the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and rest. But all too often, they think of “rest” as a period of relaxation rather than actual, proper sleep. Sleep is absolutely critical for an athlete’s ability to play and for his or her long-term health. The benefits of sleep are many.

A Tired Brain Will Slow You Down

Back in 2009, a research team at Bangor University in Wales published a study showing that mental fatigue impairs physical performance. Subjects spent 90 minutes sitting in front of a computer screen either watching a bland documentary or playing a simple but focus-demanding computer game.

The Importance of Rotational & Lateral Movement in Baseball Training

If you have followed much of writings you will know that I subscribe to the philosophy of hitting all of the major movement categories in an effort to improvement movement, strength, and power, with the ultimate goal of improving athletic performance. These primary movement categories include: Lower-Body Knee-Dominant Movements Lower-Body Hip-Dominant Movements Upper-Body Push Movements Upper-Body…

Signal, Noise and Stochastic Resonance in Human Performance

When approaching training, competition and recovery, it is a very good idea to have an overarching philosophy and conceptual approach to guide you through the circuitous maze of human performance. Pre-scripted training programs that read like a menu at the International House of Pancakes cannot get you through the ups and downs experienced season-to-season, regardless of how slick your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets look.

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