Monitoring Fatigue | Science for Sport


January 5, 2018

Monitoring Fatigue | Science for Sport

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The road to greater performance: How teams sports can benefit from emotional contagion

Italy’s football team failed to qualify to the next 2018 World Cup for the first time in 60 years.

How to Fix the 7 Most Common Load Management Mistakes in Sport

To optimize performance, we must design programs that not only allow athletes to train at high training loads but also implement workload optimization strategies to reduce the negative effects of intensive training-illnesses and injuries. Finding and maintaining the delicate balance between training and competition loads as well as recovery and rest is both art and science.

An Interview with Dan Bittle: Skating Skill Development Coach – SimpliFaster

Freelap Friday Five with Dan Bittle Dan Bittle is a skating and skill development coach, partner, and director of research and development with Apex Skating. From 2011-2015, Dan served at the NHL Scouting Combine as a volunteer fitness evaluator.

SOLIDShot is a Basketball Smart Sleeve to help you perfect your game

We have seen an enormous growth in the adoption of sports technology in Basketball. Products such as Wilson X, ShotTracker and Vert have already shown success in this arena. The latest to enter this market is SOLIDShot, a wearable that was being refined for the last two years.

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