Monitoring and Analytics: The New Era of Data


May 15, 2018

Monitoring and Analytics: The New Era of Data

Monitoring. Analytics. In the age of big data, these are becoming important buzzwords in sports. In some ways, the concepts aren’t even that new. Sabermetrics has been a part of baseball training for more than a decade. Big-time soccer in Europe (football, to the rest of the world) has been engaged in physiological monitoring on a massive scale for several years.

Updating the Language of Hitting

We’ve written about a possible sea change in baseball over the last few years here, using phrases like ” point of contact” and ” attack angle” to better articulate the emergence of a Fly-Ball Revolution, itself another relatively new expression.

Why Baseball Players Need to Prioritize Back Strength

There are two very important reasons for baseball players to include back training in their strength and conditioning programs-injury prevention and improved performance. By strengthening the muscles on the backside of their shoulders, baseball players are able to better decelerate their arm when throwing, reducing the stress placed on the shoulder.

An Interview with University of Florida Strength Coach Matt DeLancey – SimpliFaster Blog

This week’s Freelap Friday Five is a conversation with the Florida Gators’ assistant director of strength and conditioning, Matt Delancey. Topics range from the use of the snatch to train swimmers to the importance of communicating with athletes to help keep them injury-free. We also touch on education, and how to become a better instructor.

Whoop Launches $30 Monthly Membership

Whoop announced on Tuesday the launch of a monthly membership geared toward consumers in an effort to expand its market beyond elite athletes. The Whoop wrist wearable tracks recovery, strain, and sleep and has gained traction in the pro ranks since its debut in 2015.

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