Moneyball for Mindfulness: Mets Try More Coaches for Stress Management



July 24, 2017

Baseball Can Be Crushing. Meet the Psychologists Helping the Mets Manage the Stress.

Few people have done as much to push baseball’s front office revolution over the last quarter century as New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson. During his tenure with the Oakland Athletics, Alderson hired Billy Beane and turned him on to the idea that much of the game’s conventional wisdom was hooey.

Duke Uses Germ-Killing Lighting Tech To Protect Athletes From Infection

Duke has found a new, innovative piece of tech to protect its athletes. The school announced a partnership with Vital Vio, a company using LED light to kill bacteria and stop the spread of infection. Using White Light Disinfection LED technology, Vital Vio protects against common bacteria like e.

Heading for trouble: is dementia a game changer for football?

After fevered media coverage of a possible link between football (soccer) heading and long-term damage to the brain, 2016 saw the Professional Footballers’ Association call for a review of the game to decide whether to follow the lead of the United States Soccer and ban heading for younger players.

How strength coaches are taking over college basketball

In season and now in the offseason, a coach’s most important staff member might not be sitting on the bench or in the film room. It might be the person in charge in the weight room. Welcome to the age of the college basketball strength coach.

Controlling Neuromuscular Performance to Prevent Muscle Cramps | TrainingPeaks

The athlete who swam across Craig “Crowie” Alexander’s legs was quickly lost in the scrum of churning bodies during the start of the 2014 IRONMAN World Championships. However, the throbbing pain of being kicked hard in his left calf remained as he edged away from the other pros to ensure he wasn’t kicked again.

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