Molecular Biology and Sport




APRIL 26, 2017

An Interview with Dr. Franchi on Molecular Biology and Sport – SimpliFaster

Muscle science expert, Dr. Martino Franchi, shares deep insights to the way the human body adapts to training and recovery down to the molecular level. In this edition of Freelap Friday Five, Dr. Franchi shares important factors that explain why a coach is making very powerful decisions in training.

Motus Global Technology and Baseball Factory partner for Player’s performance enhancement and injury prevention – Sports Wearable

Motus Global Technology was one of the two wearables which were approved by MLB this season to be worn in games. MotusPro system uses five blue sensors to record 39 sets of measurements ranging from shoulder rotation to hip speed to stride. A Baseball Factory has shaken hands with Motus Global Technology on bio-mechanics for …

Data From STRIVR Labs Football Training Study Suggests VR Leads To Faster Reaction Times

With virtual reality and its intersection with sports still being relatively in its infancy, there hasn’t been much data potentially supporting its usage over traditional training and game preparation methods. Yet Menlo Park, Calif.-based STRIVR Labs – one of the companies at the forefront of the advancement in virtual reality around sports – is attempting to change that.

The Whoop Strap wearable is about to change the NFL forever

The maker of the revolutionary Whoop Strap 2.0 tracker, which focuses on the relationship between physical strain and recovery, has announced a landmark deal to place it on the wrist of every player in the NFL.

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