MLB Umpires May Soon Use Virtual Reality In Training



August 24, 2017

MLB Umpires May Soon Use Virtual Reality In Training

Major League Baseball is exploring the use of virtual reality as an additional training tool for its umpires, SportTechie has learned. The league has not yet reached an agreement with any VR company nor established any parameters for how virtual reality will be used, but virtual reality vendors have started making preliminary presentations to the umpires, whose feedback has helped guide the search process.

How analytics and big data is helping to shape the ‘beautiful’ game

Modern football is huge business. Every season millions of fans take their seats in stadiums, pubs and homes up and down the country to witness excitement and entertainment unrivalled in any other medium. It also seems to get bigger every season.

The 20 Best Tips for Sport Professionals – SimpliFaster

Based on his experience with technology, equipment, training, and more, Coach Carl Valle has written a list of 20 best tips for sports professionals. Advice ranges from using SkinTech shirts to adding remedial jumps to warm-ups. Coach Valle also weighs in on lactate testers, time management, fatigue, and more.

Born From Paragliding, FieldWiz’s Wearable Tech Breaks Into Team Sports

The debate among club soccer teammates started, as so many do, over a postgame beer. A few years ago, the squad’s goalkeeper was adamant that he ran about eight kilometers, or five miles, while defending the net; everyone else was dubious.

Now you can quantify your resistance band workouts with NASA-level sensors.

Resistance bands might be the ultimate portable, easy-to-use, effective workout tool. Every gym has them and many households do as well. The only downside is that it’s difficult to gauge how many calories you have burnt or how much force you’re really putting into the exercise.

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