MLB Report on Baseballs, Home Run Rates


May 25, 2018

MLB Research Determines Reduced Drag Boosted Home Run Surge

Major League Baseball concluded that reduced aerodynamic drag of the baseballs has contributed to a league-wide spike in home runs since the second half of the 2015 season. In other words, the physical properties of the balls themselves appear to have changed, reducing air resistance and allowing a ball to “carry” farther.

Is Sleep the Most Underrated Hack for Performance Enhancement?

By Leslie Sherlin, Ph.D., Co-Founder of SenseLabs, Co-Creator of Versus Analytics have become a religion in sports. And why not? Coaches are looking for every possible way to squeeze more skill out of their athletes, and a data-driven approach makes sense. But most developing athletes need something much simpler: more sleep.

Biomechanics of Yoga and Baseball, Part One – Motus Global

“Yoga and baseball? Today, it’s a more common combination than you might think. Teams across the MLB have come to embrace this ancient practice. But it isn’t just the meditation and peaceful clubhouses they’re after. Yoga has become the go-to recovery strategy to help players safely make mobility gains in areas that become fatigued.

Cutting-Edge Sports Physiology with Dr. Martin Gibala

Staying abreast of the latest sports science research on the lactate response, mitochondrial adaptation, and supplementation is no easy task. We’ve got you covered with this week’s Freelap Friday Five interview with Dr. Martin Gibala, a world-leading authority in exercise and sports physiology.

Rehabilitating lactate: From poison to cure

George Brooks has been trying to reshape thinking about lactate-in the lab, the clinic and on the training field-for more than 40 years, and finally, it seems, people are listening. Lactate, it’s becoming clear, is not …

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