Misconceptions About Launch Angle


March 12, 2018

Misconceptions About Launch Angle

There has been so much talk recently about batters increasing their launch angle. You have probably seen dozens of articles from sources all around the internet, some focusing on a reduction in ground ball rates, others on increased home run rates.

How to Design Modern Core Training Programs for Athletic Performance – SimpliFaster

By Carl Valle Every few weeks we see a new approach to core training or new core exercises, but core training is an old concept, starting before human beings began walking on two legs. Twenty years ago, the mythical hype behind core training was out of control, and now it’s come back full circle with more rehabilitation exercises that overpromise sports performance and injury resilience.

Reactive Training Concepts: The New Wave in Transferable Athletic Performance

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Athlete Intelligence Introduces Cue Sport Sensor For Head Impact Detection – Sports Wearable

Formerly known as i1 Biometrics, Athlete Intelligence has been a leading startup when it comes to sports safety and injury prevention through technology and data analytics. The company has developed cutting edge gadgets such as the Vector Mouth Guard™ and Shockbox ® injury protection and detection in helmet-wearing sports.

How Motion State Uses Backwards Skiing to Shoot Snowboard Comps

Cory Kininiec is the owner of Motion State, a company that specializes in stabilized motion video. A longtime rider, the Burton US Open is close to his heart. Now he controls the camera while his skiing counterpart Kirk Bereska keeps up with the riders. Read how they work together to create shots for Red Bull TV.

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