Minnesota Twins Will Use Blast Motion Tech Throughout Organization


March 19, 2018

Minnesota Twins Will Use Blast Motion Tech Throughout Organization

Blast Motion CEO Michael Fitzpatrick has said “well over 50 percent of the teams” use his company’s bat sensor technology (the league’s official bat sensor provider), but only the Astros and Twins have been publicly acknowledged. The sensors can be either attached to the end of the bat or embedded inside to provide real-time swing analytics in batting practice.

New Study Reveals Whether Multi-Sport or Single-Sport Athletes Have a Better Chance For Success

“You’ve got to specialize if you want to be special.” You may have heard similar sentiments before. However, a growing amount of research is finding that specializing in a single sport too early may be one of the worst decisions a young athlete can make.

Tracking collegiate runners- sleep, stress, soreness, recovery and performance

I have a reputation, perhaps deservingly so, a scientific coach. The irony is that while I use principles and blend knowledge and science into my coaching practices, it’s not like we’re sitting here measuring VO2max, or even caring about it honestly.

Seattle Mariners welcome Kinduct Technologies to the team

The Seattle Mariners mark the ninth Major League Baseball (MLB) team that has chosen Kinduct’s athlete management system (AMS) to gain insights and intelligence on their performance data. With this new partnership, the Mariners will be able to obtain a deeper understanding of their players’ data resulting in intuitive decision making within their organization.

Nike Embraces Meditation For Pro Athletes With Headspace Partnership

At Nike, mindfulness training has become part of the regimens of many of the pro and amateur athletes who come through its facilities. Earlier this month, the company attempted to bring this to the masses by announcing a partnership with guided meditation app Headspace.

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