Minnesota Twins Go Deep Into Analytics With Adoption of Blast Motion Bat Sensor


March 30, 2018

Minnesota Twins go deep into analytics with adoption of Blast Motion bat sensor

It’s hard to imagine that in the early 2000s, certain baseball teams that relied heavily on analytical insights regarding player performances were decried by the sport’s purists as a bunch of nerds. The old-time scouts lambasted the practice of using copious amounts of data to judge a baseball player, saying they offered better insights using their own two eyes.

Twins hoping analytics could be key to unlock a better Anibal Sanchez – 1500 ESPN Twin Cities

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Anibal Sanchez reportedly signed a non-guaranteed deal and will get a spring tryout with the Twins. Despite several bad years in the big leagues, the Twins are hoping they’ll be able to fix the veteran starting pitcher, who will turn 34 at the end of February.

Kansas Basketball Marries Sparta, EliteForm For Power Density Workouts

When Kansas takes the court against Villanova in the Final Four on Saturday evening, the Jayhawks will do so having trained through a unique technological marriage. Since 2012, under the direction of sports performance director Andrea Hudy, KU has partnered with Sparta Science’s injury prevention platform and EliteForm’s weightlifting tech that has produced voluminous insights into the players’ force production, fatigue and more.

How the NBA Finally Learned to Start Taking Mental Health Seriously

In a little more than a month, a sea change has taken place in the NBA-and it all started with an unexpected and innocuous tweet. On Feb. 17, DeMar DeRozan, the Toronto Raptors All-Star guard, took to Twitter and wrote, “This depression get the best of me.”

‘Player experience’ next up for sports analytics

Terry Myerson, C.J. Anderson, and Adir Shiffman at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Why It Matters More data and better data could help NFL teams find the right players, improve a pitcher’s practice, and help athletes train without injury. Many of the use cases for data analytics in sports have focused on improving the fan experience.

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