Microsoft Debuts ‘Sports Performance Platform’ To Help Teams Make Data-Driven Decisions




June 27, 2017

Microsoft debuts ‘Sports Performance Platform’ to help teams make data-driven decisions

Microsoft is making more moves in the sports arena. The tech giant today debuted its ” Sports Performance Platform,” a new product born out of Microsoft Garage, the company’s internal incubator. The customizable platform, which is already being used by teams like Seattle Reign FC and Cricket Australia, uses a trio of Microsoft services: Power BI, Azure, and Surface.

America’s top cyclist entering the Tour de France has been using a portable brain stimulator to try to gain an edge, and he says it actually works

The highest-ranked American cyclist heading into this year’s Tour de France, Andrew Talansky, is using portable neuroscience technology to try to gain an edge over his world-class rivals, and he says his performance has improved since he began using it regularly in December.

This High-Tech Tool is Helping Athletes Get More Explosive

Training is typically about how much weight you can lift. Problem is, strength doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a good athlete. No doubt it’s important, but other qualities have a huge impact on your performance in your sport. Most notably-speed. But how often has someone come up to you and asked, “How fast can you bench?”

Five questions for Dan Giuliani, CEO and Co-founder of Volt Athletics – Sports Wearable

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products. Volt Athletics Twitter Bio: Built by S&C coaches, Volt is an online strength and conditioning platform that delivers sport-specific, individualized training to athletes and teams. What sets Volt apart from other similar apps?

SyncThink Unveils Eye-Tracking VR Device For Concussion Assessment

Detecting a concussion is a tricky process. For years players in different sports, namely football, have found ways to side step protocol only to make it back on the field. The NFL specifically has seen issues with its protocol, even with sideline physicians and spotters to identify players that should be removed from play and evaluated.

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