Maple Leafs relying on sports science to determine Matthews’ status



November 16, 2017

Maple Leafs relying on sports science to determine Matthews’ status –

Chris Johnston |@reporterchris Chris Johnston @reporterchris TORONTO – The first person who greeted Auston Matthews when he came off the ice from Wednesday’s practice wasn’t a trainer or public-relations staffer. It was Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the Toronto Maple Leafs director of sports science and performance, and he went straight for No.

Team USA Using Science To Prepare For Luge In Pyeongchang

The two sports might only seem loosely connected: race cars thundering around an asphalt track and sleds speeding down the winding arm of an ice track. But at The Dow Chemical Company, engineers are borrowing from techniques they’ve longed used for NASCAR to make the USA Luge Team quicker at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Understanding Analytics for Advanced Sports Performance | Sparta Science

When people start discussing predictive analytics, conversations can quickly get vague and cryptic. Anyone can make outrageous claims out of context based on limited information, and back it up with a series of references and big words. Understanding what predictive actually means will allow you to put these claims into context and understand how or if they apply to your athletes.

7 Reasons the Weight Room Isn’t Transferring to Your Sport – SimpliFaster

It’s easy to worry that training isn’t working well or to chase the next best idea. Here are seven common mistakes that coaches and athletes typically make in the weight room, along with solutions to keep you from learning the hard way.

Baseball And Softball Are Rapidly Evolving

This week on the SportTechie Podcast with Bram Weinstein, Diamond Kinetics CEO and Co-Founder, CJ Handron, joins us to discuss the future of baseball and training technology. Diamond Kinetics is a baseball and softball technology company that strives to help players of all levels gain deeper data-driven insights into their skills and performance.

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