Machine Learning, AR, VR, and the Future of Sports


February 1, 2018

Machine Learning, AR, VR, and the Future of Sports

Ongoing developments hold promise of new experiences in the future Machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality and their roles within the sports environment was at the core of day two of the Sports Business Journal’s 2017 Neulion Sports Media & Technology Conference.

Eagles, Patriots both relied on analytics to help them reach the Super Bowl

Analytics got a bad name in the NFL this season when the Browns went 0-16 and fired Sashi Brown, the G.M. who promised to use an analytics-based approach to building the franchise. But two other NFL teams rely on analytics with much greater success.

Sleep Number and NFL Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Emphasize the Importance of Sleep on Player Performance

MINNEAPOLIS–()–Today, Sleep Number and the National Football League announced a multi-year partnership aimed at helping to improve players’ performance by maximizing the benefits of a great night of sleep. Through this partnership, every player in the league will be offered a Sleep Number 360™ smart bed with SleepIQ® technology.

Catapult leading development of position-specific metrics in American Football | Catapult Sports

This Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will contest Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis watched by a global audience of over 100 million. As one of the world’s most advanced and innovative sports leagues, is at the forefront of sports technology and the use of data to inform key coaching and sports science decisions.

Davyeon Ross – ShotTracker – HighDrive Network

Russ: Hi I’m Russ Capper and this is BusinessMakers USA brought to you by Insperity, inspiring business performance. I’m checking in once again from Kansas City and my guest is Davyeon Ross, Co-founder of ShotTracker; Davyeon, welcome to the show. Davyeon: Thank you, thank you; it’s really a pleasure to be here.

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