Kings Add New Stat Guru Luke Bornn To Front Office



May 23, 2017

Kings add new stat guru Luke Bornn to front office

The Sacramento Kings walk into the 2017 offseason with gaping holes in their roster. Free agency will play a role, but before they get to spending their $60-plus million in cap space, Vlade Divac, Scott Perry, Ken Catanella and the rest of the front office will try to fill some of their needs via the draft.

Measuring lateral movement in ice hockey goalies with 1080 Sprint at University of Guelph – 1080 Motion

Researchers at the University of Guelph are studying the effect that three different hydration states have on ice hockey goalies’ lateral movements. Goalies make reactive movements in response to player and puck positioning to cover the best angle on shots and make saves.

The Science of Assisted Speed in Sport – SimpliFaster

Coaches and athletes are always looking for ways to safely improve speeds. Assisted speed methods can be a valid and useful option, provided they provide gentle assistance and no strong forces that may cause injuries. Athletes must also be experienced and prepared before assisted options are considered.

The Big Risks Of Big Data In Sports

In top level sport data is becoming an increasingly important asset, driving important decisions and helping teams and athletes improve their performance. With the increasing amount of sensitive data being collected also come a big risk: what if that data falls into the wrong hands?

Shapeheart Armband Provides Heart Rate Monitoring, Cell Phone Access

Runners all around the world are faced with a common problem when bringing their cell phones out on a run. The vast majority of phone armbands require runners to insert their phones into a pocket and zip it up to keep it from moving and also protect it from the elements, such as rain.

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