Jaylen Brown, Aaron Gordon Use A Mental Skills App Before Games



September 6, 2017

Jaylen Brown, Aaron Gordon, Skal Labissiere Use A Mental Skills App Before Games

Boston Celtics rookie wing Jaylen Brown had a tall task in this past season’s Eastern Conference Finals: guard LeBron James. He was nervous. Guard the greatest player of his generation in the playoffs? During his rookie season? If he didn’t somehow mitigate his pre-game anxieties before tip-off, he’d have already lost half the battle.

Australian Football League Club Focuses On Real-Time Data

Collingwood Football Club of the Australian Football League has started using Pure Storage’s FlashArray//M system in a VMware vSphere environment, giving it a data platform to analyze a variety of player performance-based information in real-time. Using on-field sensors, the club monitors kicks, marks, handballs and scoring sources for each team on the field.

Building Athletic Freaks: American Football In-Season Training – SimpliFaster

During the football season, too many coaches prescribe weights that are too heavy to lift with proper execution, endangering health and success of their players. They train their athletes in lactic environments where the players move too slowly to develop speed and too fast to develop work capacity.

Football helmets have improved but are far from ‘concussion proof’

New helmet technology is reducing the severity of impacts to football players’ heads, but medical experts caution there is nothing ‘concussion-proof’ about it. From 2003 to 2009, the NFL’s now- defunct Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee concluded that “no NFL player” had experienced chronic brain damage from repeat concussions, and that “professional football players do not sustain frequent repetitive blows to the brain on a regular basis.”

Cyclists Can Look Into These Smart Glasses And Get The Info They Need

ChaseWind, a smart sports and healthcare device design company, has developed cycling smart glasses – a pair of sunglasses that provide a HUD interface, health management software, video streaming and cloud services. The glasses include multiple features, including call and message notifications from a user’s phone, GPS navigation and the ability to take photos and videos and livestream video.

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