J.D. Martinez And His BP iPad No Longer A Laughing Matter


July 16, 2018

J.D. Martinez and his BP iPad no longer a laughing matter

BOSTON (AP) – Teammates have long stopped laughing at J.D. Martinez and his iPad. Boston’s All-Star slugger is serious about every swing he takes, even in batting practice, and he has the tape to prove it. Get to the park early enough for Red Sox BP, and you’ll see a pair of iPads attached to tripods, one on each side of the batting cage.

IAAF releases biggest-ever athletics biomechanics study

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) today released the results of, what they claim, is the largest biomechanical study in the sport’s history. Almost everything that moved in the Olympic Stadium at last year’s IAAF World Championships was recorded by 49 high-speed cameras and has now been measured and analysed as part of the study.

Using Swing Plane to Coach Hitters: a Deeper Look

Swing plane is a commonly used, and certainly not a new, idea. Ted Williams famously discusses it in his book The Science of Hitting in 1971 and includes this awesome graphic. Swing plane is incredibly important, but the swing plane problem is much more complex than how it’s being discussed.

The State of Soccer Tech – Pedro Marques, S.L. Benfica

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, SportTechie and N3XT Sports are surveying key soccer experts around the world to understand the current state of soccer technology and innovation. (More soccer technology viewpoints.) Pedro Marques is the technical director of S.L. Benfica.

Hamstring Injury – Do You Know the Odds and Can You Beat Them? – SimpliFaster

Hamstring injuries are very common in sports that require running. In professional soccer, hamstring injuries account for roughly one in five of all injuries. In high-level sprinters, this rate is higher. The IAAF reports that 48% of all injuries within the 2011 World Athletics Championships were hamstring injuries.

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