Is There a Tug of War Between Injury Risk and Performance?


March 22, 2018

Is There a Tug of War Between Injury Risk and Performance? – Sports Discovery

The majority of the recent literature in load monitoring focuses on the association between training load measures and injury risk. However, injury risk is not the only outcome measure we are interested in… performance matters too! However, the understanding of the training-performance relationship in team sports is currently not as…

Marshall Head Coach Dan D’Antoni Is Right About Three-Pointers

Marshall’s Cinderella-like win over fourth seed Wichita State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last week was a validating moment for head coach Dan D’Antoni.

Out of Body Gold Medal

The center of mass is a very interesting concept. The center of mass of an object is a point in the object where its average mass is located. At this point the mass of the object on one side of the center of mass equals the mass of the object on the other side, so in principle the center of mass of an object is also its point of equilibrium.

NBA tackles mental health issues with the help of the Headspace app

The National Basketball Association announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with meditation and mindfulness app Headspace that will be used with NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, and NBA 2K League employees and athletes. The NBA and Headspace will work together to build mental health training resources through the app this summer, with hopes to give athletes a stronger mental awareness throughout their careers.

Mental health action plan for elite athletes put in place by government

A new action plan is being put in place to stop professional athletes “reaching crisis point” with their mental health. The measures have been announced by the government to protect the mental health of athletes and include giving coaches and support staff extra training to spot the signs of poor mental health.

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