Is ’Rotation Training’ Hurting Your Performance?


October 2, 2018

Is ‘Rotation Training’ Hurting Your Performance? aka “Is Rotation Even A Good Idea?”

This article was originally posted on the site in 2006, but we are posting it again as a StrengthCoach Classic to serve as a refresher and so newer members can see it. Many athletes and trainers are using ‘rotational flexibility’ exercises in their programs – but is it really helping performance or could it be the cause of more injuries?

Impact Sensors: A Missing Piece of Head Injury Programs

By Brooke de Lench If there has been one area in which I have devoted more of my energy and passion as a youth sports safety expert and Executive Director of MomsTEAM/SmartTeams for the past eighteen years, it is has been in trying to reduce the risk of short- and long-term brain injury to athletes in contact and collision sports.

Mammut MIPS Climbing Helmet Protects Against Rotational Impacts

Outdoor equipment maker Mammut has launched a new climbing helmet that incorporates the m ulti-directional impact protection system, which is designed to reduce rotational forces during impact. While there are a number of MIPS helmets on the market today, including bike and ski helmets that climbers have adapted to their sport, Swiss-based Mammut said its Wall Rider MIPS is the world’s first MIPS-integrated helmet targeted specifically at climbing.

Achieving the impossible

in Coping with emotions Endurance Training and Mental Toughness for Long Distance Swimming In Brief The physiological and psychological demands of open-water endurance swimming are analysed. Systematic endurance training strategies are presented to help long-distance and open-water swimmers to develop physical and mental toughness, set goals and manage their emotions.

Pre-game, Halftime and Post-game Analysis –

Wouldn’t it be great to have an understanding of the game-plans and strategies of the team we were playing next? Pre-game analysis can provide this, it involves analysing match footage of the opposition; tagging, or coding, the events deemed to be important and those which help to understand the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses.

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